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Powerful Revenge Spells

What is a revenge spell used for?

Whether it is a relationship, a job, or any other situation, there are times when we are not satisfied with how certain things have ended. In those moments and even though we know that it is not quite right, we want revenge.

  • Your boss may have humiliated you at work

  • Your partner may have been unfaithful to you

  • Or maybe an ex-partner is making your life unbearable

In these cases, the best way to get revenge and give them what they deserve is with a revenge spell.

When to cast a revenge spell?

A revenge spell should be cast when it is Midnight, it is then that i use my amazing powerful energy to banish old pain, anger, and discontent.

However, if you need a speedy manifestation and you don’t want to wait for the Midnight, you can cast it by following the spell’s requirements and tips or by simply going for it when you feel the need to.

When you have a bit of time to spend on your own to focus on your vision and you are ready to claim what is yours, just go for it!

Spell to return damage

If what we want is for someone to feel the pain and hurt they inflicted on us, this revenge spell will be one of the most effective we can do.

If a person humiliated you, cheated on you, be death, or did anything that hurt you in any way, you can easily return it to them.

Things you need from you A photo of the intended target Name and Surname How it’s done Using the red marker, write on the photo, saying what you want the person in the photo to feel. Stand in front of a mirror showing the photo. Recite the words you have written on the photo and then say the following: “You will receive what you gave me. In the same proportion and measure. From this moment until I decide that it is enough.” Tape the photo to the mirror, with the written part facing the mirror. The effects will last for as long as the photo is still taped to the mirror. This spell should not be abused or maintained for an unfair time. It is about returning the damage received to the same extent.

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