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protection spell

You all need protection in this daily cause you don't people hate and love you. You can protect yourself from evil or bad spirits or from some one who want to hurt you physically.

Protection spell 

This spell protects you, family, your loved one, home, business and work from harm, hurt, evil (ghosts). Some people may have bad dreams or night mares and satanic which keeps them wake and frightening them. You evil things in your house and around you, the powerful protection spell is the best option for your that problem.

Enchantment spell  This spell provides security to you in case some one has come to hurt it changes in a form which doe snot allow your enemy not to recognize you and see as some else. An example if some one wants to steal your property the thief will that property like hence making him not to take a stone thereby saving property by enchantment.

This kind of magic gives many of you protection where by it can allow find a good right path and a void the bad path which can cause you problems.

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