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Prosperity Spells - Spell for increasing Wealth, Money.

Forbidden Wiccan Spells: Magic for Wealth and Prosperity

Find true prosperity with these original money spells from Psychic Mukazi! Are you ready to embrace the bounty of the Spirit world? Then this is the right Spell for you! Forbidden Wiccan Spells: Magic for Wealth and Prosperity lays out everything you need to know in order to master the art of prosperity magick.

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Are You Ready to Transform Your Life With Money Magic?

These spells won't make you a millionaire overnight—nothing can do that—but that doesn't mean you can't seek help from the Spirit world for money matters! This misunderstood but incredibly effective branch of magic has helped countless witches, Wiccans, and other spiritually minded people take charge of their finances in amazing ways.

What You'll Find

Within this pages of Prosperity , Money and wealth: Magic for Wealth and Prosperity, you'll find never-before-seen money spells that will help put you on the right track for financial success. From herbal magic to incantations, the rituals in this book teach you a wide variety of Wiccan magic—it's perfect for everyone from the complete beginner to the seasoned witch!

These spells include:

  • A fire incantation for financial windfall

  • An herbal sachet for business success

  • Mantras for material prosperity

  • Crystal blessings for attracting wealthy people

  • And much more!

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