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Banishing is a very important element of witchcraft. The purpose of banishing is to remove unwanted energies from a space, person or thing. Therefore, banishing spells and rituals are often used to remove negative energies, spirits, or persons from our lives.


Whether you are making room for healinglove or prosperity to occur, performing a banishing is a critical first step to any magical work you want to undertake!

However, a banishing can be performed simply to cleanse a space. It involves pushing anything unwanted out and preventing it from returning. Banishing is a very simple and fundamental skill that all witches should cultivate.

So, what are you waiting for? Read on to find some free banishing spells!

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Banishing rituals mixture

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In Mexico, the Maya have been using the tree resin, copal, for the same purpose for thousands of years. The tree resin is traditionally burned on a piece of charcoal in a copalera. You can also buy copal incense sticks.

By waving the smoke through all corners of the room, along with the windows and doors, a sacred and cleansed space can be created for further spell casting.

Banishing rituals are often performed at the beginning of a ceremony to cleanse a space. This way, leftover energies or spirits don’t interfere with current work.

Whether through a simple sage smudging or a more complex ritual like The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, space preparation is a very important preparation for any spell casting.

Smudging with sage is an Indigenous American practice that is over 2000 years old. For centuries, Shamans have been drying the plants and burning them on their fires to not only call upon ancestral spirits but also to absorb and clear away any negative energies from illness, anger, conflict or evil.

A more complicated banishing ritual is called the Lesser Banishing

Ritual of the Petragram and has been in use at least since the Golden Dawn of the 19th century. The intent of the ritual is to facilitate meditation and create a cleansed space on the astral plane. It involves invoking the Qabalistic cross and along with the 4 cardinal directions and four elements. Read more about it at the Pagan Library.

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Banishing rituals for closing

Banishing rituals for closing.jpg

Many witchcraft practices also banish or cleanse a space after much magical work has been done. The thinking is that one wouldn’t want people to walk into the room later and get hit with leftover energies from your spell casting!

So, once you have cleansed your space, be sure to fill it with the positive energy you want! And if you have practiced very difficult and intense magic, you may want to post-cleanse your space again. And, in the case of a ritual where any God, Goddess, spirit or other entity may have been evoked or invoked, a banishing spell can release them back to where they came from.

Additionally, remember to complete your spell by banishing the remains. This can be done in many different ways. Whether its is candle remains, ashes, burnt bits of paper or other magical residue, you must return it back to the earth in order to complete the spell. You can bury these remains in the ground, wash them away in the ocean or a stream, or you can blow them away on the wind. Additionally, you can always burn the remains in an outdoor fire to really remove them from your space.

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